Under the blue button is my list of baby basics. A no-nonsense list of what to get for the baby, with a "my favorites" section and even a section of things you don't need. A very basic list, compiled over the years, of practical, useful products.

Below are my favorite links to interesting articles and great products.

One of the best baby gadgets invented, ever.
A portable movement monitor. Easy to use, no cords.
Take the worry out of tummy time!
Snuza Go

Do head shaping helmets really work for flat heads?
May 2014.
Flat heads and shaping helmets

Here is a simple hat to help correct a flat spot.
I haven't tried it yet but it looks like a smart idea.
Head shaping beanie hat

A great site to register for baby gifts. You can add any web site
to the registry.
Baby gift registry

Organic sleep sack with sleeves:
Light and medium weight.
This company also has organic bedding and clothes.
Sleep sack w. sleeves

Nursing/feeding pillow for twins:
I used this pillow on a recent job, with twins, and love it.
It works great for bottle feeding 2 babies.
Twin feeding pillow

The easy to use baby swaddler.
A smart idea that keeps baby swaddled no matter what.
Get the original, organic or convertible. No synthetics.

Organic formula:
This formula does not contain corn syrup.
The cans say 'toddler formula' (to promote breast feeding) but have the
same nutritional value as regular formulas without the questionable ingredients.

How to find the safest Organic formula:
Organic Formulas

Natural and organic crib mattresses and bedding.
Babies spend most of their time sleeping, make sure it is on a healthy mattress.
www.naturepedic.com Phone:1-800-917-3342

Mothering magazine:
The best informative parenting website there is.

Craft E Family:
A personalized wooden block, for baby, with a pure beeswax finish.
A cute gift and a wonderful keepsake!

Hand made baby shower decorations and other
crafty items from this web site.

Bringing Information and Resources to Houston.
A good resource web site for expecting parents looking for alternatives.

Hands free pumping device
Here is how to make pumping simple and hands-free
Click here

Eclectic herb / Eclectic institute:
They have the Best Gripe Water; Babies Tum-Ease.

Health and environment links:

Sound machines may lead to hearing loss: See article here

No solid food before 6 months: See article here

Don't underestimate your baby: See article here

DHA/ARA, added to formula, making babies sick: See video here

Organic milk linked to fewer allergies, Sep-09: See article here

Should you circumcise your baby? See website here

Toxic gases in baby crib mattresses See article here

Similac Organic Formula is too sweet: See article here

Maybe Similac should recall all of their formulas: Click here

Dangerous hand sanitizers: See info here

Unclean Air fresheners: See info here

Top Green sunscreens of 2010, from GreenerPenny.com:
If your child is going to be out in the sun, have them wear
protective clothes and a hat. If you still need to use a sunscreen;
Make sure you use one with less harmful ingredients!
Top Green sunscreens

Stop receiving unnecessary phone books Click here

Stop Redplum coupons from filling up your mailbox Click here

The Bee Wrangler:
A swarm of bees moved into the wall of our house and since Bees are slowly vanishing, I could not have them exterminated. It took Jennifer 4 hours, removing and collecting the hive. The estimated 30000-50000 Bees now live in Alvin, TX near Jennifer's home. It is not every day you save 30.000 lives and get 20 lbs of honey in the process. A fascinating day with an amazing lady who has dedicated her life to Bees. Call her if you need Bees relocated around Houston, TX.
Don't use an exterminator!
Click here to read more about The Bee Wrangler

Sea Shepherd 'Defending ocean wildlife worldwide'
A non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization
Check out their incredible work here

Other stuff:

Super Mom:
A fun T-shirt for the nursing mom
I make milk, what's your super power?
Buy here

Check out what I am selling on Etsy:
One of a kind knits and embroidery
Buy here

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